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stories that we love


A person who is expected to lose


a victim of social or

political injustice


Not appreciated or valued enough

Swept Under the Rug

To ignore, deny, or conceal from public view or knowledge something that is embarrassing, unappealing, or

damaging to one's reputation.

our mission


by providing examples of how it's been done before and how we, as a society, can do it again. 

why we love doing it

MPact Pictures focuses on real stories and real people, who in their own way, have made an impact on the world and influenced our lives as we know it today.

Each project sponsors a non-profit that is directly related to the project subject or topic. We are dedicated to advocate love, compassion, kindness, inclusion and we always root for the underdog.  


mpact's goal

To produce top quality marketable and relevant content and create platforms that will positively impact its audiences.


Under Dev
Walkout Cover.2.png

"Woodrum's Trail"
Book Optioned
Dramatic Series

"Masters of the Air" meets the spies of the French Resistance

An American pilot's account of evasion from the Nazis with the help of the Underground in occupied France.  Based on the non-fiction book Walkout by Henry C. Woodrum

Supporting: The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and Veteran org TBD

Title Page Max.png

Original Docu Series

The Trumbo of Make-up Artists

The Jewish immigrant life story of inventor Max Factor Sr., from Russia to the Golden Age of Hollywood, where he becomes the father of modern "make-up" and changes glamour in the moving pictures forever...

Supporting: ADL, International Institute of LA (IILA) & the Beauty Bus Foundation (LA)

Original Docu Story - spinoff of Max

egg no background.png

"Versailles" meets "Wolf Hall" meets "The Empress"

A Fabergé egg's journey through a Jewish jeweler's lens during Imperial Russia at the Tsar’s Palace and the persecution escape route he takes to America.

Inspired by the true story of my friend’s Great Great Grandfather who worked at Fabergé and created various jewelry pieces for the Tsar and Tsarina 
before escaping to America.

title pic.png

"Love Surrogacy"
Original Sci-Fi / Drama Series

Created by David Katz

"The Pod" meets "Upload" 

A scientist’s wife is impregnated with an AI driven part robot and part biological embryo, with his medical team controlling all decisions; while the government races to terminate the experiment they deem illegal.

To discover the humanity in society’s most vilified people in an attempt to lean away from judgement and into compassion.

Written and Performed by

Erin Elizabeth Burns

LAH Logo trans.png

A portion of all tickets goes to support 

Life After Hate


Thank you to our past  Sponsors! 

  • Emmarr Vineyards

  • La Tropezienne Bakery


"Panache de Vendome"
Original Dramedy Series

The "Downton Abbey" of wartime Paris

The staff of the world-famous Ritz Paris struggle to maintain their distinguished reputation as they battle the Nazi elite during the Occupation, while local artists frequent the bar to cope with creative censorship.

Supporting: ACLU, the World Jewish Congress

Book Option
Bio Pic / Docu Series

"Chaplin" - a woman's version

Based on the book Lois Weber in Early Hollywood by Shelley Stamp. One of America's first female writer/producer/directors in Hollywood, who served as the Mayor of Universal City and went on to become the first woman to be inducted into the Motion Picture Director's Association. 

Supporting: TBD

Stamp Cover.jpg

Book Optioned Crime/Fantasy Series

"Bajo sospecha" meets "Carmen" meets "Lucifer"

A Catholic FBI agent in Los Angeles transitions to Christianity unlocking a power to see demonic killers while solving a cold case that uncovers a three decade old family secret from Spain. Based on the  book trilogy Luke Ten Nineteen by J.A. Segura

Supporting: org TBD

luke book cover.jpg

"In Service"
Original Comedy Series

"The Office" meets "Superstore" with a twist of  "Modern Family" 

A fictional comedy based on a Rotary club experience, the international non-profit service organization.

Supporting: TBD

Contact: David Tenzer, Esq.,   Ph 310-471-0791


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